Colored Layering Watches from Six Sisters’ Style Store

pic monkey watches

We are very excited to give you a preview of things coming to our store. We love clothes and shoes, but an outfit can be pretty drab without accessories. We came across these little watches and immediately fell in love. They are fun to match with your wardrobe, and easy to layer with other jewelry! You will love them!



These adorable watches come in all fun colors! You can wear a different watch with every outfit! :)


This watch goes with just about any bracelet! It’s fun to mix and match! So have fun with it!

with outfit

These watches can be worn with just about any outfit. You can dress down, then add some class with your glammed out wrist!  And a cute pair of shoes never hurts… :)

stacked bracelet

These colored layering watches will be out soon on our site:

Be sure to look for them! Have fun layering :)


3 No Heat Curl Tutorials


The worst thing in the summer is plugging in that curling iron and holding it close to your head for 30 minutes. Not only is it hot and time consuming, but it can be extremely damaging to your hair. Summer is all about embracing your natural waves and giving your hair a break! Here are 3 of our favorite no heat curl tutorials, just in case your “natural wave” needs a little help like mine ;)

No Heat Beachy Waves

Straight out of the Headband Curls

Twisted Finger Enhanced Waves


Feature Friday: Fry Sauce and Grits

It’s time for another feature Friday – and this week we’re featuring one of our dear friends, Courtney.


Courtney is one of the amazing brains behind our Build Your Blog Conference, and she manages all the social media for one of our websites. We just love her to pieces! She runs her blog, Fry Sauce and Grits, with her two sisters, so of course we have a soft spot for them!


Aren’t they gorgeous? Melanie is on the left, Courtney is in the middle, and Caitlin is on the right. I love that they’re red-heads not to mention that their hair is perfect! As an eclectic lifestyle blog, Fry Sauce and Grits covers everything from wedding makeup, to bra fitting and sunless tanning – all of our favorite topics! ;)

Here are some of our favorite posts:

How To Properly Clean Your Make Up Brushes
This is one of my personal favorite. If you read our post about tricks to clearer skin – this is one of them!

Tips for Curly-Haired Girls

Plus, Courtney is the master of everything Bra-related. Really! I love this post on throwing away white bras (yes, you really need to!)

And she has created the Ultimate Bra Guide. It’s a lifesaver!

If that hasn’t sealed your love for them – Courtney also does online and in-person bra consultations. For real. Talk about helping womankind all over the world, right?!

Love them like we do?! Follow along:
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15 Travel Tips Every Girl Should Know

While this may not be all about beauty or fashion – it’s definitely useful. How many times have you gone on vacation or a quick trip and you just don’t feel like your best self?!

As I have traveled back and forth for work and vacations – there are a few quick tips I’ve picked up that will make you feel less “blah” and more “BAM!” – whether your trip is 1 hour or 10. I’m heading to BlogHer in San Jose today, and even though it’s only an hour plane ride from LA, I’m doing everything possible to combat the blahs and show up feeling spectacular!

1. Drink lots of water. I never used to drink a lot of water on planes because I hate using their bathrooms (really, they still scare me). But honestly, you are better off feeling hydrated and going pee on a plane then forgoing the water! Drinking more water can decrease headaches, irritability, and the upset stomach that sometimes accompanies flying.

2. Bring your own water bottle. Maybe it’s just me – but I can’t stand paying $5 for water after I go through security. I’d rather bring my own, and spend the $5 anywhere else! Pack your own water bottle (make sure it’s empty) – and then fill it up when you get through security (and before you hop on the plane).

3. Pack right. You can fit a lot more things in your suitcase if you roll your clothes. Really. Cross my heart. When I think “this won’t all fit!” I start rolling things up and I always have room to spare. Larger things, like bulky jackets, are better when they are laid flat across the top or in bottom. See example below:


4. Pack light. Mix and match. If you can wear the same shirt with your favorite pair of pants and dress it up with your favorite skirt – by all means, wear it twice. Chances are, if it’s not dirty, no one will notice. ;)

5. Get sleep the night before. I remember trying to stay up as late as I could the night before I took a red-eye home from Hawaii because I was convinced I would sleep the whole plane ride. Truth is, that’s the worst thing you could do. Chances are, the plane won’t be as comforting as you think. You never know who else is riding the plane with you (coughing neighbors, crying babies, etc). Skipping on sleep won’t make the situation any better.

6. Avoid buckles, belts, and lots of jewelry. We’ve all been there – when the girl in front of you has a million bracelets, huge earrings, shoes that are laced up to their thighs, and three belts – and they hold up the line for like 30 minutes, while you stand there checking your watch to make sure your plane hasn’t taken off. Don’t be that girl. Keep it simple. Wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off (preferably ones you can wear socks with – do you really want your bare feet on the germy floor?), forgo wearing a belt, and keep your jewelry as simple as possible.

7. Dress comfortably, but not too comfortably. You want to be comfortable during your flight – definitely avoid clothes that are tight (you don’t want to end up with swollen ankles or legs) – but if you wear clothes that are too baggy you may end up getting a pat-down from security. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

8. Use makeup samples. Sample hoarders unite! This is the best time to use up those product samples that seem to collect in all your corners (they collect in cupboards at my house). Especially for quick tricks, these babies are perfect. And they take up a lot less room! ;)

9. Choose the aisle seat. When I was younger I always wanted to sit by the window so I could watch the take-off and descent. The older I get, the more I appreciate the aisle seats. If you need to get up and move around you can. And that way, when you’ve filled up your water bottle and drank enough to stay hydrated and you have to pee, you don’t have to climb over strangers.

10. Avoid caffeine. I love a good Diet Coke. And even though I’m tempted to grab one before a flight – I try to resist. Caffeine dehydrates you really quickly – so it will do you more harm then good on a flight.

11. Moisturize. This one is key. I always feel like the changes in air pressure and climate do wacky things to my skin – so I always keep my favorite moisturizer handy (ps – it’s in a sample size so it goes through security without a hitch. I just love those samples). If I run out of samples, I usually bring my moisturizer from home. My favorite is this Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, because it’s got a little SPF. If you’re headed somewhere beachy and wonderful – moisturizing will also help you keep your sun-kissed glow just a little bit longer.

12. Move your body. I know. This one is the last thing you want to do after a long flight – It usually just want to lay down, turn on the TV, and check my Instagram feed. BUT – if you put your things down, and head to the hotel gym or go for a run (maybe even do a little yoga), it helps shake the post-flight blahs. I think Elle Woods said it best: “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t go around killing their husbands.” Dramatic? Maybe. True? Definitely.

13. Get outside. Still feeling down after your workout? Try to soak up some Vitamin D. It’s a great boost of energy to feel a little bit of sun on your skin (plus, it’ll probably boost your endorphins a little more). Take the chance to become familiar with your hotel layout, take a dip in the pool, or (if you’re a little more adventurous) see what the local scene has to offer.

14. Bring wipes. So, I have absolutely no evidence to back this up, but this is my personal opinion: traveling is dirty. Think of how many hands have touched those back-of-the-seat magazines. Way too many to be sanitary. If you forget socks (see #6) – you’re going to want to clean your feet off. Maybe this is just me – maybe I’m a slight germophobe. But, in any case, it brings me a little bit of comfort to feel a little bit cleaner. Plus, most of the time they sell wipes for like $3 in a “travel size”.

15. Double Check Before You Leave. Number one best tip of all time. Double check flights, hotels, and your packing list before you head out the door. I say this from experience. I once booked a flight on the wrong day. I showed up at the airport and ended up having to buy another ticked on the spot to get on the plane. Yep. It was an expensive weekend getaway. If you’re needing transportation from the airport to your hotel, don’t always count on a shuttle (learned this one from experience, too – taxi fare can add up quickly). You won’t always remember everything, but it will at least give you a little peace of mind as you take off.

Happy Traveling!


10 Easy Tips to Growing Longer and Stronger Hair

long hair don't care


Growing your hair out can be so hard! It’s a long process and it’s hard to keep your hair healthy during the transition! Especially during the summer, with the sun and the wear and tear your hair takes. So, I came up with a list of 10 most helpful hair growing tips, that are easy and don’t cost a fortune!

1. Cold Water: It can help in more ways than one. Rinsing out your hair with cold water closes your pores, and it’s also a lot healthier than using scorching hot water on your scalp; which will dry it out, and give you limp, frizzy hair. (The goosebumps are worth the healthy hair!) Also staying hydrated with cold water helps your hair grow faster. If the body is hydrated, the hair is hydrated. (It also helps with all areas of your body, especially acne, and clearing up your face.)

2. Dry With Caution: Blow drying your hair daily can tangle, and leave a lot of damage; especially if it’s on high heat. It may feel good, but it is causing your scalp to dry, and your hair to tangle and damage. Instead, try air drying, or pat it down with a towel. However, if you are in a time crunch and you HAVE to blow dry, dry it on cool. The less heat your hair has to go through, the better.

3. Eat with Care: Like water (” if your body is hydrated you are hydrated:), food is a lot the same. If you are feeding yourself junk, your hair is gonna show it. I found a list of good hair food which contained: fruits, vegetable, sweet potatoes, walnuts, eggs, bananas, salmon, strawberries, and kidney beans. You don’t need to make this a strict diet, but a few of these a week, and vegetables, and fruit daily, you will see a change in your hair strength.

4. The Trouble with Combing: We’ve all heard the secret to long hair is “Brushing your hair 100 times a day will give you shiny healthy hair.” Well they lied. Excessive combing can cause breakage and dries out hair. When you get out of the shower, you should comb through with a wide tooth comb. Ratting your hair will also cause damage, especially to your roots, which is where the growth comes from. If you want a voluminous look, try adding mousse to your roots, instead of harmfully ratting it. Also tight ponytails and harsh styling will strain your hair. Give it a rest and let it down, and go natural for a few days out of the week. Natural beauty is the best beauty!

5.Protect from Chlorine: We still have more summer to go, and chlorine can be very damaging to hair. (It also turns mine green… -_-) But my friend had the idea to put conditioner in her hair before we went swimming. After, we showered and my hair smelled like chlorine, was an even darker shade of green, and impossible to comb through. Hers on the other hand, was soft, smelled good, and the green wasn’t there. Needless to say, I now put conditioner in my hair before swimming. You can also use a swim cap to protect it from getting chlorine, but if chlorine does touch it, just wash your hair out as soon as ya can! Don’t let it sit in your hair for very long after swimming, wash wash wash!

6. Use the Right Shampoo: Washing your hair is necessary to get rid of build up in your follicles, but it is also a good idea to find a shampoo that is designed for your hair. It will say right on the bottle what the shampoo and conditioner are designed for what type of hair. Use the one that your hair best fits and needs.

7. Vitamins: Though they aren’t necessary, they can help your hair grow longer and stronger, a bit faster. You can buy hair and nail vitamins at any local drug store. Even if you aren’t buying vitamins for hair and skin, it’s important that you are getting all your vitamins in. Taking a pill to get your full daily vitamins will also help hair growth and strength.

8. Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily: Your hair produces oils that can also be healthy for your hair. Washing it everyday won’t allow those oils to help your hair get healthy. Your hair will also be dry and damaged from everyday washing. My friend’s hair stylist told her she needs to train her hair to not get greasy. You need to show your hair who is boss. She went 6 days without washing it. Then she went 4 days, and 5 days, and etc. Her hair didn’t get greasy as fast, and she could tell it was getting stronger. My hair is also greasy, but I have started to “train my hair” and I feel I can go longer without washing my hair, and not having it nasty and greasy! Try it out! :)

9. Cut the Split Ends: Even though trims can be a little devastating to let that extra hair length go, it is for the best. You were gonna lose the ends eventually since they would’ve broken off, so a trim is good for continual hair growth. Your hair will also seem more full, and it will be easier to maintain.

10. Massage and Condition: Massage your scalp when you are applying your shampoo and conditioner. Even during the week, you can massage your scalp. This helps blood flow get to the follicles and helps your hair grow. Not to mention it feels amazing.

Wishing you the best and fastest hair growth! Hope this helps!