Feature Friday: Slashed Beauty

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Growing up in a house of six girls, I think it is safe to say that we have tried just about every single kind of makeup on the market. We’ve had mishaps, success, and just a whole lot in between. What we came to realize is that we didn’t need to be spending big bucks at the makeup counter to be getting the nice quality makeup we were searching for. All we needed was to shop a little smarter. One of my all time favorite bloggers Miranda shows just how to do that over at SlashedBeauty.com. She has everything and anything that has to do with makeup including some awesome reviews, tutorials, and some awesome giveaways. She was just voted “Most Buzz Worthy” by Allure Magazine, and once you check her out you will see exactly why! I could spend hours on her site watching her tutorials and reading her reviews, but instead I’ll just share a few of my favorite things she’s posted, and let you be the one to waste those hours ;)

Low Maintenance Makeup: All Day Look Tutorial

Sneak Peak Swatches: SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection - Rubber Ball
Sinful Colors Full Throttle Collection Review 

contouring guide for makeup beginners
Contouring Makeup Guide for Beginners 

What are some of your favorite beauty blogs? Let us know in the comments below!



Steph’s Favorite Fall Finds

I love fall. Maybe because it’s my birthday season (I really love birthdays) – but it’s a lot more than that, too. I love the smell of the pumpkins and seeing the leaves change. The spiced cider and cute scarves. I love layering without feeling like I’m going to die of heat exhaustion…

It’s just the best time of year. I always love when stores start making the transition to fall clothes (even though it is clearly still summer and 95 degrees here). These are my favorite finds for fall:

First, this army green utility jacket. It matches with everything (or at least I “match it” with everything). I picked this little gem up last year at the end of season sale at Old Navy (but you can find them everywhere right now!).


Second, these wine-colored lace-up booties. I found them in Santee Alley, but they are Bamboo, and they have them all over the place. I think you can find them on Urbanog, too!


This wool hat. Seriously can’t get enough of it (because who really wants to do their hair, anyway?). This one is from ModCloth, and is the best-priced one I’ve found so far.


Last, but not least, a chambray shirt from Bohme Boutique (still a staple from summer, but I refuse to stop wearing it!) and some aged black denim jeans (they’re from H&M, cost me $12, and I wear them everywhere).


What are your favorite fall finds? Comment below and let us know!


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10 Simple Tips to Help Your Hair Grow Longer

10 simple tips

short hair 2
Growing up I was always the girl with cute short hair. I remember having short hair in 5th grade all the way up to my second child.  I would wash it, blow dry it, and style it every single day. Once I hit college I was determined to grow it long. It got a little past my shoulders but would not grow anymore. I was frustrated!
short hair 6

Finally after my third child, I decided I would start taking care of my hair. And believe it or not, my hair grew drastically! I have never been able to grow it this long until now. Here are my simple tips that I did so it could grow.

Cut your hair every 8 weeks.
I know what you are thinking. If I cut my hair, how on earth is it supposed to grow. It still will grow, it will be dead, but it still will grow. Trimming just the dead off every 8 weeks will help your hair be stronger and look and feel about 100 times healthier.

Hot oil massages
Just heat up some hot oil treatment, rub it into your scalp, wait about 5 minutes and then rinse.  Your hair will feel thicker, softer, and longer! One of my favorites to use is the VO5 Hot Oil Treatment. It is inexpensive and you can find it almost anywhere. 

Drinking water
Drinking water not only helps you flush out bad toxins. Not only is it good for you body, it is good for your hair! It helps keep your hair hydrated instead of being dry.

Let it air dry
I use to never let my hair air dry because if I did, it was hard to keep under control. But I promise if you cut back on blow drying, you will be able to tell a huge difference!

Conditioner treatments
I started doing Conditioner Treatments about twice a month and my hair felt and looked amazing after each time I did! You can either get one at your local salon or, you some yourself. One of my most favorites is called the Kerastase Masquintense Mask. I absolutely love it!

Eat healthier
We have all heard the saying, you are what you eat. When it comes to your hair, it is true! Your body needs healthy food so it can function at it’s best. Your hair also needs good food so it will grow long and healthy! So instead of eating a big greasy burger, go for the homemade healthy meal.

Don’t wash it everyday
This was the hardest one for me. I am a runner. I love to exercise and push myself. The only problem is, I sweat a lot. Then I found dry shampoo. (Where has this been all my life?) I love Suave’s Dry Shampoo. It is less expensive than most, but does the trick! But it on in between washes to save your hair from the daily damage of shampoo and Conditioner.

This goes along with not washing your hair everyday. When I was younger, I did my hair down every single day. Now that I am a busy Mom, I don’t have time to style my hair every day. That is when I decided it was OK to wear a ponytail. I sure wish I realized that  when I was in High School or College.  Ha Ha!

Try and avoid brushing when it is wet
I know I know, sometimes this is just hard to avoid. I will admit, I do it sometimes too. When your hair is wet, it is at a very vulnerable state. Combing it with a comb while wet can damage it even more and cause breakage. If you do need to comb it while it is wet, try using a large brush so it won’t do too much damage.

Scalp Massage
Once a week, try giving yourself a nice scalp massage. I like to do mine in the shower with some shampoo. The oils from your scalp are great for your hair!

There you have it! What are some of your tips or tricks that you use to help your hair grow longer?


Kendra’s Back to School Fall Fashion On a Budget

back to school fall fashion

My favorite part about going back to school, was knowing I get to buy a whole new wardrobe! Here is some of my back to school fashion show! :)

b2s skirt

Dressing it up for school is always my favorite! I always feel so cute, and this outfit is a fun and comfy way to do it! :)

Skirt: Target

Boots: H&M

Sweater: Forever21

Necklace: Forever21

b2s shorts

These fall shorts are a fun transition color from summer to fall! Easy to pair with a tee or a sweater!

Shorts: Old Navy

Shirt: Old Navy

b2s jean and boots

The classic white tee, and ankle boots with jeans are a must have this fall! It’s a comfy, easy outfit that looks adorable!

Tee: Old Navy

Boots: Ross

Jeans: Pac Sun

Cardigan: Marshall’s

b2s tee and jeans

Enjoy your school year!


Starting Hairfinity

I have tried quite a few health supplements and weird trick to make my hair grow. Hair, Skin, and Nails, Pure Biotin, Vitamin B12, showering in the cold, scalp massaging, etc. etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. While my hair has grown from my chin to (almost) my chest in two years, it’s at an awkward stage where it just won’t grow anymore! I decided I needed a little boost. I was researching Hairfinity AND the ItWorks Hair, Skin, and Nails – when I went to BlogHer for a weekend with Camille (Sister #1). That’s when I ran into the girls from the Hairfinity booth.

photo 2

You guys. Their stories were INCREDIBLE. Women who were undergoing cancer treatments, recovering from life-threatening accidents, hair dye’s gone wrong, and hair thinner than you can imagine – all with thick, full locks. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I was pulled right in.

Maybe it was because Khloe came to their booth?
photo 1

Anyway…I don’t know…but I now have my first month’s supply, and I’m testing it out.

So everyone can hold me to it, here is the before picture:
(Please, do not judge the fact that I let it air dry and I haven’t cut my hair in 6 months +)


Four weeks from now, I’ll post my first results picture! Wish me luck!


**side note: I was not paid or asked to write this post. I did get a bottle of Hairfinity for free, but they in no way, shape, or form, asked me to post about their products. I just wanted to give it try and share my results**