Plaid Shirts

6 flannel with real words

I love to bring out my fall and winter plaids, and the time has now arrived. I think they are so cute and so comfy, you just can’t go wrong. You can style them multiple ways. They are easy to layer with, and match patterns with, or just button up with a cute necklace!

Layer with a cardigan or sweater! I love layering, and plaid shirts are a cute and easy way to layer. It would also be cute to top button that bad boy, and put on your favorite necklace. It adds a little more class to the plaid, and it’s perfect for holiday events.

6 layer it

Let if Flow! Just let the shirt go unbuttoned. You can wear your favorite graphic tee under it, and play it off with a long necklace!

6 let it flow

Tie it around the waist. This is a newer trend, but I am in love with it. It’s a fun way to accessorize with the plaid, and it is also slimming when tied around the waist.

6 flannel with words


Polka Dots and Layering

Have you ever found that one item of clothing, and even before you are home from the store you have a million outfits in your head that it would go perfect with? Well, say hello to my new favorite polka dot leggings from the one and only Old Navy. I snatched these bad boys while I was waiting to check out (Yes, the products in the checkout line are usually very tempting to me). I paired them with my favorite sweater, and my green utility jacket that I snatched at a thrift store last fall. Lovin’ me some cheap outfits! #collegebudget


Should we have a moment of silence for these perfect leggings? Because seriously? You’ve done it again Old Navy!

There is nothing I love more than layering in the fall and winter! Patterns, fabrics, jackets, sweaters, leggings, you name it, I’m layering it!


I should probably also give a shout out to my new favorite pair of fall boots! Found these for a steal at TJMaxx and I’ve been wearing them almost every single day!

What’s your go-to layering item this fall? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature Friday: Piper and Scoot

You know those people you follow on Instagram, and you don’t really know them but you feel like you do because you just love and stalk every single thing that they post? Well today I’m sharing my “Instagram crush” and I’m totally okay if they become your crush too because this site has THE cutest clothes for the best prices! Plus the owners are extremely talented and the photography is beautiful! Introducing my most favorite website of all time: Piper and Scoot.


Shortly after getting married Kylee Middleton decided it was time to follow her dreams and open a boutique of her own. Since then she’s started the website and has sold countless items with styles similar to that of JCrew, Antropologie, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters, just without the buyers remorse! Check out some of their new arrivals for this fall (aka: Check out my Piper and Scoot wishlist)-


Anthro Floral Tunic
You know how I feel about floral, plus, this baby is only $22!

Polka Dot Jacket

Level 99 Plum Cargo Jeans

Not sure how I lived my life this long without plum cargo jeans, but I can assure you that will no longer be the case.

Aztec Pencil Dress

Sorry for the overload, I just can’t get over these clothes. Now do you understand my Instagram obsession? I scroll right past the cute babies and delicious food and straight to the Piper and Scoot photos! You can’t beat great style and great prices. Check them out!
Piper and Scoot

What are some of your favorite online stores? Comment below and let us know!


Fall At-Home Mani

We love painting our nails. The secret is out. When the six of us get together to have a girls’ night, it always involves chocolate, movies, and painting our nails – every time, without fail.

Maybe because it’s an easy, cheap way to spruce up your wardrobe? And if you do it right, it can last for like two weeks!

Today, I’m sharing this super easy fall mani that I did with a Sharpie. Ya – you read that right. I accented these babies with a metallic gold Sharpie! Because I like to keep things simple like that! ;) Plus, you get two in a pack (one gold and one silver) for cheaper than any nail accent tools you can find.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I painted my nails following our at-home manicure guide. I used this Revlon “High Stakes” Colorstay nail polish, because it was similar to one I loved on the Fall 2014 nail trends list.


2. Before applying a top coat to the high stakes color, I decided to throw on some gold accents with my Sharpie (it is this Extra-fine oil based paint one). Be sure to shake it before you use it, and I always tap mine on a scrap piece of paper so it doesn’t go on in one giant blob on your fingernail.


I just outlined the triangle at the bottom of my nail, and then pressed it a little more to get some extra paint to fill in the center of the triangle. (please don’t mind the fact that I burned my finger on a curling iron and you can totally see the burn in this photo!)


3. After it dries – it will only take a minute, two tops – seal it with a clear top coat. If you don’t, the Sharpie will rub off in a day or two (I learned that the hard way).


And voila! You are done. Perfect fall mani that looks totally profesh.

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8 Busy Mom Hairstyles


I used to be one of those girls who showered, washed her hair, blow dried it, then straightened it EVERY SINGLE DAY. What was I thinking?!? Now that I am a stay and home working Mom, I no longer have time to wash my hair everyday. I usually like to do something creative with my “second day hair.” These 8 hairstyles are the ones I do on myself on a regular basis. They are fast, easy, and look like you actually got ready for the day!

Uber Chic and the Braided Fringe


Braid 2
MakeupWearables Hairstyles and the Braided Bangs and Messy Bun

The Boufant Bun from the Freckled Fox

Side Ponytail

Elegant Half Up from The Small Things Blog

Fancy bun 2
A Low Bun from a Beautiful Mess

How to Get the Perfect High Ponytail
The High Barbie Ponytail

hair 3
The Perfect Ponytail from Cute Girl Hairstyles